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V-Guard: A Big Leap Forward

February 7, 2018

This is a story of ambition. But more importantly this is a story of a vision. A relentless vision that took birth with one lakh rupees and forty years later has grown to become a household name in India with multiple product categories and an annual turnover of INR 21.5 billion. Founded in 1977, V-Guard has come a long way from a small manufacturing unit of voltage stabilizers to become a brand that offers a wide range of innovative electronic goods.

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How to Brand a Bargain

February 16, 2017

By Sanjana Mathur

Everyone loves a bargain, whether it is free “dhaniya” from your vegetable vendor or a stylish pair of stilettos at half price, and that’s what makes it one of the main benefits that any brand considers offering its customers.

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New on the Bookshelf

May 17, 2016

We’ve picked up quite a few books in the last 6 months at work. As our library builds further, these books give us the perfect excuse to step away from our screens every once in a while.

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Minds at Work

April 6, 2016

With a great, creative space comes great productivity.

Our office is a testament to this fact. Encased in the glass tower at Indiabulls Finance Centre, our office is we are situated in the heart of Mumbai’s the corporate district, of Mumbai in Lower Parel. We lucked out with the spectacular views of the city’s skyline from our terrace on the 20th floor.

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