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Asian Paints ezyCR8 – Bringing DIY Culture To India

May 5, 2021

Asian Paints is one of the largest home improvement brands in India. With changing consumer behaviour in a post-Covid world, Asian Paints made the strategic decision to launch an innovative range of products in response to the developing DIY movement in India.

Landor & Fitch were commissioned to create the overarching brand name and identity, product packaging designs as well as inspiring e-commence communications as part of their go-to-market strategy for their suite of exciting new products.

But here’s where things got interesting: We had a week. This was a sprint, and we were resourced and ready for it.

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What’s Your Brand’s Superpower?

October 4, 2019

By Lulu Raghavan Building a strong brand that powers the business is no mean feat today. You have to be highly relevant to a constantly evolving consumer who is also time starved and attention poor. Your products and services must be distinct to stand out in the sea of sameness of offerings. And you can’t stand still – you have to keep innovating and moving your brand and business forward. 

What’s the one superpower that any business leader should wish for to grow the brand and the business?

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7 Ways To Thrive at Work

January 9, 2019

By Ronita Mukerjee

I graduated in 2009 when the gloom of the global recession had spread far and wide. From not having a job, to working at Landor, one of world’s leading brand consulting firms, the journey has been infinitely rewarding and life-changing. Of course, there have been moments of despair, anxiety and self-doubt along the way which I believe are par for the course. A combination of naiveté and occasional maturity kept me going over the years.

As I look back, I wish I knew the following from the very start.

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How Brand-building Can Give SMEs the Competitive Edge

October 28, 2018

The air is filled with a new exuberance. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Make In India’ aspires to turn India into a manufacturing hub for the rest of the world. Alongside, his invitation to US companies to participate in India’s industrial space signals a robust development for India’s booming SME community.

At an estimated 64 million in 2016, India has the second largest number of SMEs in the world, with China leading the table. While it has been established that SMEs have the potential to drive industry growth, what most entrepreneurs do not realise is that apart from conducive administrative reforms, some of the challenges they face can often be addressed by one important strategy in their arsenal: Branding.
Branding is a need, not a luxury.

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Fintrex Finance: Rebranding for a new leap of growth

September 21, 2018

There are numerous finance companies operating in Sri Lanka, some of whom have tarnished the industry due to poor management and even fraud. Melsta Regal was a relatively new company that had entered the market and which had built a good reputation which was acquired by new investors. The new investors have ambitious plans for the company and wished to carve out a new path of growth along with the strong management team across 9 branches. A clean balance sheet and no past baggage provided opportunity to leverage this relatively new entity through a differentiated brand offering.

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Embracing Eco-friendly Packaging

September 20, 2018
eco-friendly packaging
By Sanjana Mathur & Shan Khan

It’s hardly news that the rampant overuse of plastic in today’s consumerist society poses a severe threat to our environment and health, and there is no overlooking the tremendous impact of our packaging choices. In a growing global movement towards sustainability, we have witnessed many governments, organizations, and (yes) brands taking a strong stance on the use of plastic. The recent ban on single-use plastics such as straws and plastic bags in the state of Maharashtra has made it clear that the mandate of sustainability is upon us in India too.

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Consumers seek ‘identity’ through brand choices

September 19, 2018
By Lulu Raghavan

The link between strong brands and shareholder returns has been very well established across numerous studies. The most recent data point is the BrandZ India Top 50 Portfolio which outperformed the Sensex between August 2014 and July 2018. Clearly, brand value is a critical driver of business performance and shareholder returns. But what drives brand value?

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