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From Domino’s Pizza to AAP: A Look at Branding in the Age of Social Media

February 19, 2014

By Lulu Raghavan

Branding has not fundamentally changed in the age of social networks. Social media is just another channel, although a critical one now, that has to be mastered and perfected as a medium if brands are to thrive in this uber connected world that we live in.

A brand still needs to stand for a singular compelling idea that is both meaningful to its target audience and different from its competitors. A brand still needs to have consistency in presentation and experience across different touch points of the brand. And it still takes years to build a brand’s reputation but just one mistake to tarnish it. These basic tenets of what a brand stands for and how they work have not changed.

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Café Coffee Day: Inspiring coffee fueled fun and conversation in India

October 7, 2009

Chances are that in the last year you have walked into a Café Coffee Day for its coffee and noticed a transformation of the space. Yes indeed, CCD has evolved from a regular neighbourhood coffee shop to a centre of buzz with coffee as the chief provocateur–stimulating conversations, sparking ideas and bringing a sense of fun, lightness and vibrancy to the café experience. Read on to learn what went on under the hood to bring the new CCD to life!

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