Intern with us


Coffee runs, Xeroxing, picking up your boss’ dry-cleaning etc. is an important part of any internship – but not here at Landor! You will, however, be thrown into the deep-end, expected to participate in ideation and to contribute to the creation of great brands.   

Whether you are passionate about strategy, design or client servicing, you will be expected to learn fast and work hard. In return, we will ply you with knowledge and help you grow as a professional. Some of our interns have fared well and become an integral part of the team today. Our internships are challenging and comprehensive, in order to bring the best out in you. Additionally, we offer you a chance to experience all aspects of a globally reputed brand consultancy.

 We offer internships for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.  You can choose to be an intern in one of three areas: Design, strategy/client services or marketing/new business. There will be a monthly stipend to cover travel and miscellaneous expenditure.

If this is something that excites you, send in a short 500 word essay on why we should consider you for an internship. If your note excites us, we will reach out. Please do not send a resume or portfolio or anything other than this essay.

Write to us:

“Day one of the internship was as comfortable as though I had been working at Landor forever. The team is hugely warm and welcoming. Even as a junior member of the team my inputs are truly valued, which encourages me to keep contributing. In the one month since joining I’ve worked on varied projects, been in numerous client meetings, travelled for work, and entrusted with the kind of responsibility and ownership over tasks that makes a Landor internship really valuable work experience.”

Sanjana Mathur, Client Manager (Former Intern, 2015)

“My internship at Landor has been unlike any other internship experience I have had.From the get go, I was included to be part of the team and I was working alongside the senior designers on live projects. A fresh graduate with limited experience, the creative team has mentored and supported and helped me whenever I needed. With their constant encouragement and guidance, I can already see a change in myself, my thinking and my design and I am confident that I will continue to grow and learn as I spend more time here.”

Surabhi Thakker, Designer (Former Intern, 2015)

“Interning at Landor has been a truly enriching experience. I have come to appreciate the intricate thought and research that goes into building a brand, and how important the role of an agile brand is in a constantly evolving consumer market. It has been very interesting working with diverse clients from various different industries, collaborating with highly talented
colleagues who place emphasis on team-work and are eager to share their knowledge!”

Faiz Ahmad, Client Servicing Intern, 2015


“I had an enjoyable, educational and positive experience during my internship at Landor Mumbai. I wasn’t considered ”just an intern” by the team but as a colleague who had thoughts and ideas. This encouraged me to push myself to work better and was in turn met with appreciation from my team. I thank Landor for giving my career such an awesome kick-start!”

Aishwarya Paraskar, Strategy Intern, 2015