Asian Paints ezyCR8 – Bringing DIY Culture To India

May 5, 2021

Asian Paints is one of the largest home improvement brands in India. With changing consumer behaviour in a post-Covid world, Asian Paints made the strategic decision to launch an innovative range of products in response to the developing DIY movement in India.

Landor & Fitch were commissioned to create the overarching brand name and identity, product packaging designs as well as inspiring e-commence communications as part of their go-to-market strategy for their suite of exciting new products.

But here’s where things got interesting: We had a week. This was a sprint, and we were resourced and ready for it.

Context and challenge 

Beyond time pressure, the consumer ‘culture challenge’ we faced was significant. We needed to overcome an Indian market hurdle – their reluctance to test and trial DIY products. To ‘do it yourself’ felt daunting to our Indian consumer. Simply, it was perceived as too much effort. We needed to quickly create and position a  new brand that made DIY appealing.

The brand was successful in generating positive consumer engagement and buzz across social channels and e-commerce platforms like Amazon. The internet was abuzz with positive sentiments like “Awesome product and quality. Must buy product for home purpose use for self paint…” – Naimesh Bhagora, verified Amazon purchaser.

After launching 6 initial products successfully the client quickly evolved the range to include 17 new SKUs representing the initial success of the launch.

Deep Insights 

In India, convenience is king.

In a market where labour is accessibly priced, the age-old mantra was ‘why do something yourself when someone else can do it for you instead?’ Hired help is just a quick call away.

But with COVID brought in a begrudging new mindset – we called it – consumer self-reliance. And it was Asian Paints greatest opportunity to leverage.

Originality of idea 

DIY in India is perceived as hard, inconvenient hassle. We had an ambition to make it easy.

We had a big idea – to establish an entirely new DIY category in the Indian market. But success would only come if we made it easy. The idea that informed the Asia Paints brand experience was ‘as easy as 1,2,3’.  Our brand idea mandated a simple consumer experience. If it wasn’t hassle-free, it wasn’t right for the brand. Ease become the critical ingredient to transform consumer reluctance into consumer confidence. Pack designs needed to follow four key design cues: Make it simple, drive impulse, make it feel premium, and most, importantly, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE!

Brilliance of execution 

In a single, rapid one-week sprint, we created a new name, identity, product packaging and an e-commerce communication strategy. We set the tone and expectations for users with the name “ezyCR8” (easy + create). The name was unique, evocative and most importantly, communicated the brands distinct and compelling proposition. We used an approachable and friendly font, locking it up with Asian Paints to ensure all equity was channelled back to the parent brand.

On pack, we used a ‘hand’ as the key visual device to represent a “hands-on approach to life” signalling the important shift towards experimentation with ease. Disruptive within its category, the visual language was crafted to create a contemporary and relatable tone. The design ensured ease of adaption across all their categories & SKUs. And minimal environment illustrations and descriptive iconography helped users make an informed and inspired decision.

Given sales were expected to come from online platforms; we ensured that the final design was highly visible within an e-commerce setting. We did this using bold colours and easy to understand iconography. Along with brand and packaging, we also developed a robust digital strategy to represent D.I.Y. in a new, relevant and exciting light.

Impact of work 

Whilst early days, success has been apparent. The brand has generated significant positive consumer engagement, creating a buzz around DIY culture. The changed perception of a once irrelevant category opened up a new DIY culture within India.

Success metric includes:

Highly involved & purchase driven conversations.

– Our Tile Seal is the #1 Best Seller in Universal Adhesives.
– Our Aerosol Sprays currently occupy the top 4 slots in ‘Spray Paint’ Best Sellers list
– Our DIY Self Painting Kit has been considered Amazon’s choice for ‘Paint Roller’

Queries on usage, range & buying options

On YouTube, product demonstration videos have received hundreds of thousands views, all filled with questions from interested customers, trying to better understand how they can use the products themselves.

Requests to introduce new products

From an initial run of 6 products, the range currently stands at 17 and growing.

Creative transformation 

While this was only a small part of their large business. The project helped drive relevance and appeal into an entirely new category we were able to enhance their business elevate their brand and strengthen their consumer relationships.

“(Landor &) Fitch truly understood our ambition and has been a vital partner in bringing it to life. They have successfully interpreted our vision and have created an agile and highly relevant brand which we are certain will be the future of DIY in India”
—Sumeet Bhojani, Marketing Manager, Interiors, Asian Paints

What makes this work extraordinary?

In a single week, we didn’t just create a new brand; we brought to life an entirely new category. Capitalising on an identified market opportunity, we created a DIY movement and brought a little bit of creative inspiration and positivity to an otherwise challenged COVID world.

Experience by: L&F India

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