Irasva: A new jewellery brand takes birth

April 29, 2020

Renaissance Global Group has been an eminent manufacturer in the jewellery industry for decades. The Group wanted to enter the market with a fresh new B2C offering. Landor & Fitch worked together to bring the Group’s vision to life. We worked with the promoters to create a new brand in contemporary jewelry that was fresh, accessibile, stylish and had global appeal. Read on to learn more the story about Irasva.

Celebrating today’s free-spirited, confident and independent woman, Irasva is all about the power of jewellery and the intimate relationship women share with it.

Building the brand and a new identity

People have a very intimate association with their jewellery. Leveraging on this insight, Landor & Fitch proposed to create a brand that honours the immense transformative power that jewellery has on women. Built on the brand idea of ‘Me and Mine’, Irasva was positioned to inspire every woman to feel beautiful and express herself in every moment. By creating an infinity symbol using the ‘S’, it emphasizes the endless opportunities, dreams and ambitions of the Irasva woman. The type is delicate and graceful, in line with our focus on minimal, breathtaking global design aesthetic.

Designing the aesthetic for the modern, discerning 21st-century woman

We used photography to help infuse beauty, relevance and aspiration into the brand world. Our approach was to develop visuals that would maintain the ethos of Irasva but still have great standout appeal. We emphasized on the brand’s colours and made them ownable assets, creating a signature Irasva look that would be implemented across textures, media and applications. The idea was for people to recognize an Irasva image simply by the colour play. We chose colours that reflected premiumness and added a tone of feminity to the brand. Additionally, the essence of being free spirited is conveyed through the lightness of the jewellery and this has been successfully brought out through the look of the brand. The pictures show that the jewellery to floats, rises above and shines, just like the Irasva woman.

Designing Irasva for retail glory

Unlike traditional jewellery stores that offer a static arrangement, Irasva has been specifically designed as a warm, inviting and comfortable environment to empower customers to explore the store in their own time and way. Through our open design layout and product set up, customers are empowered to shop their way through a space that recognizes their individual needs, while giving them the tools to browse, explore and engage with everyday fine jewellery.  

Jewellery displays have been reimagined as product stories to help customers identify what pieces connect most with them through beautifully curated collections and unique fixture systems that encourage them to explore and walk around the store with ease. Going beyond just selling, the store features trends & desginer’s favourites section, gifting section, boudoir dressing area and a café, adding reasons to dwell, interact and share while building an experience.

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