Fintrex Finance: Rebranding for a new leap of growth

September 21, 2018

There are numerous finance companies operating in Sri Lanka, some of whom have tarnished the industry due to poor management and even fraud. Melsta Regal was a relatively new company that had entered the market and which had built a good reputation which was acquired by new investors. The new investors have ambitious plans for the company and wished to carve out a new path of growth along with the strong management team across 9 branches. A clean balance sheet and no past baggage provided opportunity to leverage this relatively new entity through a differentiated brand offering.

Fit in or stand out?

Our brand must be a beacon that breaks out of the industry standards and perceptions to appeal to a wider audience–from the executive in need of finance to the employee we need to retain and attract and the SME we must serve.

But how might this company stand out?

The industry is flooded with companies whose brands were more functional, traditional and transactional. However, the opportunity is to have a close rapport and understanding with customers and to grow with them in the long term, by going beyond a transactional engagement to actively helping growth.

Leveraging the strength of its people

We leveraged the strength of the employees to recast their brand story. Starting with refreshing the name to Fintrex Finance, a name coined from financial entrepreneurs and experts. It speaks to the powerful combination that sets them apart from the rest. The new brand identity reflects the team’s potential to maximise efforts and unlock value for customers. It signals a clear bias for action, speed and agility that is so critical to transforming perceptions for this company and around the industry.



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