Link Natural partners with Landor & Brand Finance for an identity transformation

April 3, 2018

Link Natural Products recently partnered with Landor and Brand Finance to bring to life its new vision for growth through a identity transformation project. The new identity was revealed at a brand launch event in Colombo on the 2nd of April, 2018.

Link Natural is a global player in the herbal health care sector and is present in categories such as ayurvedic pharmaceuticals, herbal healthcare products, herbal cosmetics and essential oils. The company’s current product portfolio addresses the mass FMCG consumer base in addition to their core offering of specialised Ayurvedic remedies. Established in 1982, Link Naturals has come a long way in building household brands, the most prominent being Link Samahan, a brand that millions swear by for cold and cold related symptoms.

After 35 years, Link Natural was ready to kickstart its second innings of growth and approached Landor and Brand Finance to partner with them on this identity transformation journey. This strong partnership helped Link Naturals align the brand to new business objectives of entering the health and personal care spaces and catering to mass opportunities, while being strongly rooted in the Ayurveda sector.

Link Natural founder Dr. D. Nugawela said: “We identify efficacious and safe natural active ingredients, by combining knowledge gathered from time-tested Ayurvedic and other traditional remedies, proven through modern scientific protocols. Stringent specifications and standards, rigorous production protocols and strict quality assurance practices are applied when scaling up to commercial supplies in our state-of-the-art factory. We hired the services of Brand Finance and Landor, who played a vital role in helping us redefine what the corporate brand stands for, and to be able to add value to our consumer brand offerings. This was an extensive exercise that took several months and I am very excited for the future of Link Natural with many new initiatives in store.”

Landor Managing Director Lulu Raghavan, commenting on the project, said: “This has been an extremely interesting assignment for us, as it combines both the elements of traditional ancient wisdom with modern science, and I am happy that the client sees value in our work. For consumer marketing companies such as Link Natural, which have many brands operating under it, the corporate perception plays such a critical role since it provides an umbrella for all of its brands to operate under.”

Link natural

Launch of the Link Natural identity by Landor, in Colombo on the 2nd of April, 2018.

Link Natural

Landor’s revamped packaging design for Swastha Amrutha, a Link Natural brand.

Link Natural

Landor’s revamped packaging design for Swastha Amrutha, revealed in Colombo, on the 2nd of April, 2018.


Brand Finance Lanka Managing Director Ruchi Gunewardene added: “Through all the information and discussions over the months, Link Natural has been able to codify its mission and cement a mind-set that boldly challenges the status quo amongst its employees. The corporate brand will capture and reinforce the dynamism and innovation of a company which is fuelled by the desire to enhance the value of lives of each and every consumer it touches.”

The new brand identity is being expressed by incorporating Link’s core strengths and offerings using three primary elements – a gender-neutral human body, leaves and molecules. Ayurveda  empowers balanced wellness and is depicted through the Vitruvian figure. The leaves in the logo represent the natural sources for all active ingredients, and the molecules denote modern scientific protocols. These three elements speak to vitality and a healthy life, resonating with the symmetry of health and wellness products by Link Natural.

“It is critical to define the brand in a way which would support its vision, and not look at it as a pure design challenge, which is what we have achieved. We are happy that it meets the needs of the business,” Gunewardene concluded.

 To learn more about Link Natural, head to their website.

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