Rekindling the Blackberrys brand

March 19, 2018

Once upon a time, success looked like a man in a conventional black suit and tie. Well, that time has passed. The workplace has changed, and the traditional and safe attire which once dominated the wardrobe has been traded in for options that better reflect the modern man’s dynamic aspirations. 

In this context, Blackberrys was a well-established and trusted retailer of men’s formal suits across India. However, customers only thought to visit for special occasions, limiting Blackberrys ability to tap into the true potential of the changing market. To unlock growth, they recognized the imperative to keep pace with the changing customer – to be a loved brand, worn with pride. This is where Landor came in.

We began by investigating what sets apart the man of today. What we uncovered was an immense fighting spirit, an insatiable hunger for new challenges and constant reinvention. It was crucial to build synergy between the brand and the modern man. Inspired, we captured this spirit in Blackberrys’ potent new platform, ‘Burning Drive’.

The compelling sentiment translates into a powerful call-to-action for customers through the brand line ‘Keep Rising’. It is only fitting that the new identity draws inspiration from the phoenix to create the ‘Blackberrys Firebird’ – a proud symbol of transformation and renewal. This also informs the graphic system, which is built around the Blackberrys flame.

We then imagined the Blackberrys sub-brands as a family of brothers, each unique yet stemming from the same DNA. This resulted in a distinct yet recognizable avatar for each.

The newly energized Blackberrys brand is in the process of making its retail debut, poised to forge a strong bond with the man of today and to inspire him to keep winning.


To learn more about Blackberrys, head to its website.

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