Bikaji: Snacky heritage redesigned

March 30, 2018

A packet of bhujia, served with boondi and hot cups of tea is the ideal snack palette for everyone who wants an answer to sudden hunger cravings. Bikaji, is one of the leading FMCG brands in India since 1980s. Starting off with their signature Bikaneri Bhujia, Bikaji today has a snack on the shelf for everybody. While Bikaji’s traditional taste and legacy had passed down over generations, the 21st century marketplace posed a different challenge.

The snacking category was a sea of sameness – and being chosen over competition needed major packaging overhaul. An overhaul led by strategy and mastered through design.

Bikaji approached Landor to help it refresh its packaging supported by a s strong brand promise to help it stay relevant and target a newer, younger set of consumers.

Landor created a brand new packaging range for, bringing to life Landor’s redefined core promise for Bikaji, “Get Real”. Authentic and local recipes, ingredients and processes along with Bikaji’s unmatched 150 year old heritage, speak through the pack. The contemporary packaging has been contextualised for the their core audience in present times. The packaging today has strong shelf throw and is easily identifiable with its matte finished packs. The packaging was redesigned considering strategic placements of the packs; from supermarket shelves, to small format stores, to kiosks – each pack reflects authentic Bikaji goodness inside.


Grab your pack of snacky indulgence today!


To learn more about Bikaji, head to its website.

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