V-Guard: A Big Leap Forward

February 7, 2018

This is a story of ambition. But more importantly this is a story of a vision. A relentless vision that took birth with one lakh rupees and forty years later has grown to become a household name in India with multiple product categories and an annual turnover of INR 21.5 billion. Founded in 1977, V-Guard has come a long way from a small manufacturing unit of voltage stabilizers to become a brand that offers a wide range of innovative electronic goods.

While it had been many years since V-Guard launched a wide range of consumer electronic offerings, the brand struggled to shake off its deep-rooted association with manufacturing stabilizers. Being perceived as dated or traditional is the last thing a technology driven electronics brand would want.

A challenging problem was at hand, and in a hypercompetitive marketplace, the problem needed a multifold, systemic solution. The problem had two distinct facets:

  • to connect with the new age millennial while staying relevant to the higher age bracket
  • embodying the experience of a future ready brand

Stabilizing the problem

In 2017, V-Guard approached Landor to re-energize the brand. Landor suggested a multi-point brand refresh that would help align the V-Guard brand to its business goals.

The brand’s current identity and visual system and packaging needed overhauling. But before that, Landor needed to define what V-Guard would stand for. 


Landor crafted V-Guard’s new brand idea, something they could stand for while never standing still: Thoughtful.

Being thoughtful is to deliver unexpected customer delight through innovative products and experiences. This powerful brand idea led to the evolution of the visual system, identity and packaging. A brand led approach helped to shift the company mindset from engineering and manufacturing to ‘thoughtful’ experiences and ideas for customers and employees.

Landor for V-Guard

Landor for V-Guard


A springboard for the kangaroo

Landor revisited the new identity for V-Guard that gives the kangaroo (V-Guard’s sacred brand asset) a futuristic, modern twist.

Landor for V-Guard

Landor created a fresh visual language, one that serves as a constant reminder of V-Guard’s commitment to creating surges of consumer delight in the Indian electronic appliances market.

Landor for V-Guard


V-Guard 2.0

 V-Guard 2.0 is now rolling out across India, through new products and new, memorable experiences.

Welcome to this exciting new world, a Thoughtful world, the new world of V-Guard.

To learn more about V-Guard, head to its website.

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