Island of Ingenuity: Making Sri Lanka the world’s preferred digital services hub

February 15, 2018

Say Sri Lanka and the world imagines a beautiful tourism hotspot with pristine beaches, lots of cinnamon, tea and jewels. To say that it is also an ICT/BPM powerhouse would be, perhaps, met with surprise by most. Landor Mumbai unravels the surprise for you, read on. 

We have a bug

Sri Lanka is home to an enterprising, fast growing ICT/BPM industry that thrives on innovation, tech development and high service standards. Its businesses operating from the island country, provide cutting-edge solutions to complex challenges. While the ICT/BPM industry continues to boom, the world remains largely unaware of Sri Lanka’s expertise in this area. Despite having the right talent and experience, Sri Lanka loses out to other developing countries for global IT services business. With the aim of unifying the industry under one umbrella brand, Landor was tasked with the challenge of creating a singular, strong narrative that would elevate Sri Lanka to a leading ICT/BPM services provider on the global platform.


Small Island, Big Ambitions

Sri Lanka is a small island country driven by big ambitions. As it sought to unify its ICT/BPM industry under an overarching brand, we realized that its biggest strength was the proactive, insightful and innovative nature of its people. From here stemmed our brand idea – ‘Island of Ingenuity.’

 ‘Island of Ingenuity’ captures the essence and vision of Sri Lanka’s IT services industry. It represents Sri Lanka’s ability to solve the world’s complex IT challenges, and equips it to capture a prominent position on the global stage.


Creating the Code 

Landor drew the inspiration for the visual identity from the very fundamental language of the IT engineers – the binary digits of code, 0 and 1. The fact that these digits are the likeness of the letters ‘I’ and ‘O’ allowed us to bring alive the ‘Island of Ingenuity’ idea in an interesting, clever and relevant way.

The ‘O’ in ‘IOI’ houses the shape of the Sri Lankan map, and the vibrant colours are drawn from its flag. These elements come together to create a smart and minimal identity that is strongly connected to the industry as well as its country of origin.


Watch the brand video here:

The brand identity was brought to life across a series of touchpoints that showcase IOI’s narrative and potential.



‘Island of Ingenuity’ is at its simplest, a collective of Sri Lanka’s ICT/BPM industry. At its best, it will become a recognised symbol of the country’s potential as the IT services centre of ingenuity that services the world.

A sea of opportunities

The platform was launched in Sri Lanka on 15th February, 2018.

(L to R) Pavithra Dikshit, Senior Designer and Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor Mumbai at the launch event for IOI held in Sri Lanka

Lulu Raghavan, MD, Landor Mumbai at the brand launch speaking about how the idea and ICT/BPM identity came to life, and the future for this industry platform.

To learn more about IOI, head to their website.

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