DAG: Democratizing Art in India

February 11, 2018
Delhi Art Gallery

When was the last time you visited an art exhibition? When did you last learn the name of a new Indian artist?   Chances are, it’s been a while. And this is exactly what drove Delhi Art Gallery to redefine what art stands for in India and diverse geographies.

DAG Modern, long established as the largest repository of Indian modern art, partnered with Landor to tackle an even larger challenge. India is not a country where art is a part of daily life, and little is known about Indian art internationally. The fact is, Indian art is inaccessible and not understood by most audiences, remaining in the purview of a select few. 

Still, DAG believed in the power of art to effect a positive change, that everyone has the ability to appreciate art. This formed the basis of the brand experience that Landor developed for DAG, to help democratise Indian art. How do you make Indian art relevant and accessible to audiences in India and around the world? Reimagining DAG as a platform, as an institution, took the brand from being a gallery to a portal of discovery. 

This is the very philosophy that underpins the new brand identity and visual system. The circle acts as the portal to unexplored new worlds, and to a whole new art experience which is open, simple, and accessible. Indian art becomes universal and accessible, bringing people together in a world without boundaries. At the same time, the typeface is modern, contemporary and shaped for the future, ready to embrace every opportunity that comes its way.

Delhi Art Gallery

Their new website,, is complemented with a plethora of art workshops and programmes which bring art to the lives of as many people in as many ways as possible, reflecting DAG’s commitment to cultivating a future art-positive generation in India. 



DAG has launched their identity with a bang at their recent conference celebrating 25 years. This successful collaboration with Landor sparks the start of a journey to achieving the vision of ‘galvanising an art movement’. 

To learn more about DAG, head to its website.

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