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December 21, 2017

Competitive streaks, peals of laughter, drinks slurped through straws, virtual reality, the snap of the camera shutter crystallizing lifelong memories. The buzz of activity and excitement hits you all at once the moment you set foot inside any of Smaaash’s active entertainment properties.

This is the essence of India’s leading active entertainment company, who recently partnered with Landor to take their brand to the next level.

Smaaash was growing its operations and venturing into new markets. Their vision was clear – to be the custodians of smiles, and the catalyst for people to bond over all forms of active play and shared joyous experiences. It is not defined by any one game nor bound to any one kind of person.

Despite this, perceptions of Smaaash were limited to the game of cricket, compounded by the cricket ball in the brand’s old identity. Recent acquisitions, SVM and PVR bluO also needed to become part of the Smaaash system. Landor worked with Smaaash to develop a new positioning, architecture, tagline, identity and visual system to help Smaaash tell the world about the breadth of its ambition and offerings.

The powerful new message, nay, rallying cry, embodies the collective mindset that resides within each and every individual, young or old.

Can’t Stop Playing.

Across all of Smaaash’s verticals, this is representative of the brand’s non-stop energy, huge variety, multisensorial experiences, and spellbinding nature.

The simplified and contemporized brand identity is universal and playful; symbolic of an approachable and inclusive space that brings people together.

We introduced a radiant yellow for the corporate logo, channeling the warmth and positivity of a golden sun, and a passionate vivid red for Smaaash. SVM was renamed Smaaash Zone to distinguish the arcade proposition, using a zingy electric green to match the high-tempo environments of Smaaash centers, capturing the promise of fun and good times.


This vitality carries forward into the Smaaash visual language, which juxtaposes graphic energy lines with dynamic imagery. The outcome? A living, breathing, adrenaline fueled brand experience.

As we write this, fresh vigour is being infused into 26 Smaaash properties across 13 cities. What are you waiting for?

To learn more about Smaaash, head to its website.

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