Ching’s Snacky Oats: Don’t keep this a secret!

December 20, 2017
Landor's design for Ching's Secret Snacky Oats

Remember the time you had a hunger pang out of nowhere? The time you almost tore open a bag of crisps before your inner health conscious ninja stopped your hand?

Hearing the rumbling tummies of their consumers, Ching’s Secret has recently ventured into the healthy snacking segment, with their newest offering, Snacky Oats! Landor was approached to design the new packaging, a relatable design that would resonate with the existing product range.

India knows Ching’s to be a young, vibrant brand that delivers Desi Chinese products and quirky campaigns other brands would be wary of producing. Remember Ranveer Singh dancing to “My name is Ranveer Ching”? This time around, Ching’s signed on the evergreen Sridevi (Bollywood actress) to be their brand ambassador. The message was loud and clear, something different was in the offing – oats made fun, with a Ching’s tadka.

We created a pack that (quite literally) speaks for itself, with voice led design that leveraged Sridevi’s fun, happy and enthusiastic Hawa Hawai persona. The packaging brings to life interactions between the new age mom and the millennial child. For this, Landor developed quirky Hindi – English one liners that are used on the pack. Each flavour variant – Schezwan, Manchurian & Singapore Curry has a bold color palette, with a new storyline for each pack. The fluid design system for the pack was then extended to key POS applications.

The new packaging launched in October 2017, amidst much fanfare and a full blown campaign taking the“Whacky Hai Snacky Hai” video to over 14 million views. Retailers are moving Snacky Oats to the ‘snacking’ category from the ‘breakfast’ category, a huge plus for Ching’s. Ching’s Secret Snacky Oats is now available in a store near you, in 3 lip-smacking flavours. Grab your pack today!

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