Simply Digit: Launching a new insurance brand

July 7, 2017

Introducing Oben Insurance

Let’s face it: Insurance today is very similar to aircraft designs of the sixties. It’s cumbersome and complicated, with unending operating manuals (in the form of policy documents) and pages upon pages of information no consumer can possibly absorb in its entirety. Most insurance consumers lack understanding of which products are right for them, and claim settlement is a long, tedious process where paperwork and fine print make the entire experience unpleasant.

Oben Insurance, an insurance-tech startup backed by Fairfax Financial Holdings, set out on a mission: It wanted to change the way insurance products are viewed, purchased, and claimed. In a way, this ambition reflects the change the United States Navy underwent with its aircraft design circa 1960, when it enacted a new key design principle that stated that most systems work best if they are simple rather than complicated. Oben Insurance adopted the common wording of the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Stupid!

A shift toward simplicity

Landor partnered with Oben Insurance to build a brand that reflected its mission of simplicity through its positioning, identity, and visual expression.

Initial discussions with the Oben leadership team made one thing clear: The company’s approach to insurance was completely different. And its product lineup was innovative, built to be simple, intuitive, and focused on the customer.

In close partnership with the client team, Landor developed a new core purpose for Oben: “To Make Insurance Simple.” This became the basis for nearly every decision made by the company, from the way it thought about its products, to the processes it had in place, to the user experience it enabled.

This lens of simplicity led Oben to reconsider its name, which in German means “above” or “at the top.” The team felt the name needed to be simple in order to reflect the company’s digital first DNA.

Say hello to simplicity. Say hello to digit.

Importantly, digit’s identity needed to be clear and simple, while establishing a youthful, friendly personality. But to be consistently simple is a tall order for any company. At digit, this hinged on being straightforward. This means no twisted rules, no fine print, and no claims left unfulfilled. Keeping this thought in mind, digit’s identity system speaks to forthrightness, showcasing constant agility in the simplest form possible.

The identity is created from the combination of a simple, geometric typeface—both friendly and wholesome—with a design that visually conveys the idea of being “straightforward.” The visual expression and imagery, seen through a black-and-white lens, further enhances the story of simplicity through thetwo-tone color palette. The pop of yellow in the visual language adds warmth that personifies digit’s youthful personality. 

Simply a success

Digit made its official announcement in June 2017 with plans to launch its suite of insurance products by September. Go simple. Go digit.

Digit’s CMO, Sandeep Komaravelly, commented on the work:

“The Landor team will always find a mention in the first page of our company book. It was instrumental in developing and articulating our identity and giving shape to our brand.”

To learn more about Digit, head to its website.

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