Celebrating Walter’s Day

July 14, 2017

9th July is Walter’s Day, the birthday of our founder, Walter Landor. On this day, Landor’s global offices conduct various creative activities to celebrate Walter’s bold spirit of adventure that lives on till today. This year, we at Landor Mumbai donned our aprons at Flavour Diaries in Bandra, where celebrity chef Anjali Pathak gave us a crash-course on cooking pasta.

Excitedly, we kneaded the dough, made fettuccine and tagliatelle using the pasta maker, made a tomato-based sauce and put it all together with baited breath. Once each of us had put the final plating touches to his or her pasta creations with a MasterChef-worthy flourish, we sat down together at the dinner table to taste the fruits of our labour – literally. After devouring our pasta, we cut a cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to Walter. It was an evening full of fun, creativity, experimentation and teamwork – truly, the special ingredients that make up Landor’s spirit and success.

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