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SHIFT Volume 1 | Packaging – Not just pretty graphics

April 26, 2017

At Landor we love to excite the minds of our clients by offering them new perspectives on potentially mundane topics. This gave rise to the creation of our bi-annual thought leadership journal, SHIFT. The objective of SHIFT is simply to inspire new ideas and spark fresh thoughts. Each volume would focus on one branding topic of burning relevance to our clients. The design and copy would be aligned to bring to life the topic using powerful visuals and a compelling narrative.

In volume one, we focused on packaging. Most people think of packaging as just pretty graphics on a label. We wanted to explore the idea of packaging being so much more. We asked readers to imagine their packaging going beyond pretty graphics in six different ways:

  • What if your product campaign lasted much longer than just 30 seconds?
  • What if your packaging didn’t need to spell it to consumers?
  • What if your packaging design system was endlessly adaptable and flexible?
  • What if you used every touch point beyond packaging to create brand love?
  • What if you were brave enough to say yes to less?
  • What if your success lies in looking past category cues?

For each question, we offered an example of how either a global or Indian brand had successfully used that tactic to deliver value. Each brand story was told visually and verbally to engage the reader.

As a global agency with local capabilities, we needed to communicate our strong understanding of international best practices and local nuances. Hence, for the visual treatment of this volume of SHIFT, we were inspired by the Sivakashi style of illustrations which is usually seen on Indian matchboxes and firecracker packages.

While the classic Indianness trickled through our designs, we contemporized it by limiting the colour palette for each brand with not more than 2 – 3 colours. The showcased global and Indian work was presented in an illustrative format with a varying treatment extending from a movie poster for Mother Dairy to the comic strip for Yummy Tummy Koalas.

An expository and dramatic display of our work bound with copy that posed intriguing questions stood strong in creating a stimulating experience through each page of our journal. It successfully conveyed our belief that a more strategic, thoughtful and holistic approach could shift the way consumers experience brands.

We have been very pleased with client feedback on the content and design of the first volume of SHIFT. This has motivated the team to already start planning the next issue. Stay tuned.

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