Little Yellow Book: Ronita Mukerjee

February 11, 2017

The Little Yellow Book is a series of short interviews with different members of the Landor team. You can find out more about who they are, what they do and what inspires and motivates them to do what they do.

Ronita Mukerjee, Client Director

Let us introduce you to one of the seasoned Landorians at Landor Mumbai. Always ready with a clever line, she has a solution for every problem and holds a great deal of admiration among her colleagues and clients.

Ronita began her Landor journey as a Client Manager, 5 years ago. Today, as a Client Director, she leads and guides many aspiring branding professionals under her. Like most people at Landor, the beginnings of her life have been very interesting. Born to a Hotelier dad, she had seen a fair share of India before she finished high-school, due to the nature of his job. She also got to live in hotel suites and enjoy the perks of non-stop room service (or so, we think!). Travel began as a way of life and even now it is an integral part of life. She continues to plan her visits to different destinations around the globe.

A self-proclaimed nerd, she topped her classes and went on to study bio-med engineering in the US. Not one for the conventions, she bartended to earn some extra pocket money. However, she realized very soon that her heart was in marketing and communication. She came back to India, joined Symbiosis and completed her MBA in Communication Management.

At Landor, she has worked with and continues to work with some prolific brands like Mahindra, Apollo Hospitals, Dr. Reddy’s,  Mother Dairy, Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts and SPJIMR among others. A serious professional, these days she spends her spare time cooking up a storm. Her quick lunch fixes are an office favorite! Ask anyone. We spend some time with her to find out about what makes her tick.

Why branding? 

I came across a Landor case study in marketing class in college. While studying, fell in love with the discipline of brands and branding – the perfect combination of left brain and right brain application.

5 Learnings in 5 years at Landor?

  • No substitute for hard work and sincerity
  • Seek inspiration from outside of your field (I love reading up on politics – learnings from which I have applied to projects I have worked on.)
  • It is never about you alone, build bridges with colleagues and clients
  • Don’t limit yourself to a particular industry, we live in a highly connected world and knowledge of different industries has never been so relevant and necessary
  • They may say it, but it is never really the end of the world!

Words of wisdom for the brands of today’s brand manager?

Brand Managers today need to be brave, but not reckless. We live in a world of inherent conflicts. We want tasty food that is healthy as well. We want a global outlook without alienating our origin. We want aspiration, within a budget. I could go on. Brand Managers today are walking on a tight rope and balancing a consumer’s often conflicting needs is what will determine future success.

6 brands for the 6 agile behaviours?

  • Adaptive – Parle (They have successfully innovated their product portfolio over the years to meet consumer needs)
  • Principled – Amul (The have been delighting India for years now, they really are the taste of India)
  • Open – Zomato (Getting in touch with them is effortless and you are assured of a response from them in record time)
  • Responsible – Brands such as Vivat, Khara Kapas, Grassroot and others. (Started by Indian entrepreneurs who are are committed to reviving dying Indian art form, helping artisans and ethical trade practices)
  • Global – Ola Cabs (Their brand is inspired by innovation in the West, but adapted for the Indian market)
  • Multichannel – Bata (I am pleasantly surprised by Bata’s efforts to have multichannel presence)

Brand Ronita?

A reluctant Millennial


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