Bharat QR: A bold new look for a bold new idea

February 20, 2017

Landor gives a bold look to the newly launched Bharat QR, marking a milestone in India’s steps towards a digital economy.

The Government of India has been taking progressive steps towards building a more digital friendly nation. Post demonetization, the government encouraged the adoption of digital payment solutions and QR based payments. To this end, it was essential that digital payment solutions across all businesses were seamless. Visa, Mastercard and National Payments Corporation of India, three payment networks operating in India, collaborated to develop Bharat QR, a common platform for QR based payments across Banks and Networks Operators. A radical step for the Indian Financial Industry, Bharat QR is a unified and low-cost and scalable system that offers easy payment solutions for both merchants and consumers.

Landor was tasked to create an appealing look for Bharat QR. An identity that would be acceptable to all and would resonate with every Indian; from the metros to the villages. It needed to communicate the radical thought behind the solutions system.



To bring to life this innovative idea, we created the logo using India’s national colours. Simple in its form, the logo encapsulates the ease of using the service and collaboration between various partners. The ‘QR’ has been stylized to show a harmonious marriage between the digital technology and physical money. A bold logo for a game-changing solution. Along with the logo, we have also created the look of Bharat QR at various touchpoints like the Mobile App and instore marketing collaterals.

From conception to execution, the Bharat QR has been the fastest implementation of an idea by the Government of India. Bharat QR along with its new logo was unveiled by the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India on 20th February 2017. Ushering in a movement in the Indian economy, the new payments solution is expected to be embraced by merchants and consumers across nation in high volumes.


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