Udayan Care: A vibrant journey towards transformation

January 12, 2017

In the crowded non-profit sector, a focus and differentiated brand is almost essential today. Landor Mumbai worked with Udayan Care to create their new brand that truly reflected their unique story and achievements.

Udayan Care was founded in 1994 by Dr. Kiran Modi – a woman with a dream to transform the lives of the less fortunate. Guided by her passion and determination, the organisation has grown from humble beginnings.

Today, it runs several social programs, including Udayan Ghar Program (an evolution of the foster care model, for orphaned and abandoned children), Udayan Shalini Program (advanced education and personality development for young women) and Udayan Care IT Program (IT training for youth and young women).  

Through these programs, Udayan Care uplifts its beneficiaries – personally, financially and socially. This meaningful, in-depth intervention sets Udayan Care apart from other organisations in the non-profit sector; however, their brand did not reflect this depth.

In India, improvements in regulation and rising social consciousness had lead to positive disruption in philanthropy. The non-profit sector was becoming increasingly crowded. Udayan Care needed a focussed and differentiated brand, to stand out amongst other NGOs speaking the same language, attract funding from corporate donors, expand their network of volunteers and drive advocacy efforts.

Landor was enlisted to partner with Udayan Care in this endeavour – creating a brand with impact, for an organisation that creates real, social impact.

It was time to bring their differentiation to the forefront. 

We started by immersing ourselves in Udayan Care’s world. We interviewed key stakeholders, interacted with beneficiaries, audited the brand as it stood and studied best practices in the non-profit sector.

It was clear that Udayan Care went beyond ‘helping’ and ‘aiding’ – they created deep-rooted transformation. How? With a bias for on action and results, with utmost passion and compassion, with a focus on the long haul.

We recommended the brand positioning ‘Where Young Lives Shine’ – a brand that exists to transform the lives of underserved children and youth, through meaningful interventions for growth at every step of their journey towards independence; a brand that is compassionate, spirited, persistent and thoughtful.

To bring the new brand positioning to life, we created a fresh, clutter-breaking visual language for the refreshed Udayan Care brand.

We were inspired by the vibrant circles of the brand identity, which remain unchanged. We reinterpreted the circles to create four new ones that spoke to the actions of transformation, growth, persistence and nurturing. Using these circles, we created patterns that could be used across applications, resulting in a fun, fresh and dynamic visual language.

The refreshed Udayan Care brand has been launched internally and received with much enthusiasm and excitement by staff and volunteers, as well as the beneficiaries themselves.

We are currently working with Udayan Care to revamp their website and roll out the new brand formally.

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