Teejay: Weaving bonds through the fabric of fashion

November 16, 2016

Teejay (formerly known as Textured Jersey Limited) is a leading Sri Lankan textile manufacturer catering to a wide portfolio of international clients like Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencer, Victoria Secret and others. The company had been growing rapidly and had recently made two new acquisitions – Ocean India and Quenby Sri Lanka. It was now necessary for Textured Jersey Limited to build an inspiring corporate brand that portrayed the group’s differentiation as well as their collective strengths. The new brand would serve as a rallying cry to galvanize all current employees and attract new talent

The company was clear about what their tomorrow looked like: to be perceived as a ‘Growth Company’ for their investors and shareholders. They also wanted to be in the Top 25 by 2020 in terms of market cap on the Colombo Stock Exchange. The company wanted to transition from a manufacturing orientated company to a solutions and service oriented entity. Landor in collaboration with Brand Finance partnered with the client to develop a brand positioning, a new brand name and a 360 degree brand experience that portrayed their differentiation, their collective strengths and their shared vision for the future.

Landor and Brand Finance commenced the programme with research of the industry, the competition, global benchmarks and the current brand itself. Our research into the client and their business revealed that while Textured Jersey had managed to earn a lot of goodwill, there were clear areas for improvement in delivery.  Despite this, Textured Jersey’s customers didn’t want to give up on them. What they really wanted was for Textured Jersey to up their game.

Building on the strengths, we crafted a brand positioning around ‘Weaving Bonds’  that speak to a brand that exists to forge greater synergies between fabric and fashion by building enduring relationships. This is a brand that is committed, approachable, passionate and progressive. A brand that intends to redefine “partnership” in the industry.


For the new name, we intentionally moved away from recommending a coined name or an impersonal acronym which could have been an easy option since the company was often referred to as TJL for short, to a name that still borrowed from its heritage, but better reflected the personality and passion, through the name Teejay.



The new design system was inspired by the flow of the fabric and its impact on the world of fashion. The design further uses the double helix structure of a DNA to represent the enduring relationships that it forges with its people which is the core of the Teejay brand.


The logo was designed using a custom typeface in lowercase to demonstrate the approachable yet premium nature of the brand.

The vibrant colour palette and the gradients highlight Teejay’s spirit and passion.


The new Teejay brand was successfully launched this month with both internal and external stakeholders.

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