Cuddle: Meet the friendly face of data

November 17, 2016

‘Analytics’ is a scary word. In a market crowded with intimidating solutions, Fractal Analytics created an artificial intelligence product (delivered through an app) that offers personalised marketing intelligence for brand managers. We were tasked with creating a brand that is as disruptive as the product itself.


Fractal Analytics is a leading analytics service provider that has grown rapidly since its inception in 2000. Initially based out of India, the company now has offices in New York and San Francisco, with the latter serving as the new company headquarters today. Fractal Analytics services leading global companies across multiple sectors (namely Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail and Technology), empowering them to leverage Big Data, analytics and technology to drive smarter and faster business decisions.

As companies and markets become more complex, high quality, actionable data is coming to be viewed as a differentiator. The sheer volume, velocity and variety of big data are increasing, and everyone wants to be in the industry today.

As the market is becoming increasingly crowded with many service providers offering shades of data analytics (or claiming to, anyway!) and the industry is transforming rapidly, it became clear to Fractal that it was time to rise to the occasion in order to stay ahead of the curve.

The Challenge

In a market cluttered with services for the enterprise, Fractal Analytics had a unique vision to create a product for the manager – the ultimate collaboration between man and the machine. The company created a first-of-its-kind mobile product that offers personalised and contextual intelligence for the manager. The product sifts through the vast universe of data to identify information that is relevant to the manager. This information is synthesized and presented to the manager in a simple and concise manner in real-time and on his mobile phone, enabling more effective decision-making. How, you ask? With the power of Artificial Intelligence!

Landor was tasked with creating a brand that is as disruptive as the product itself. It was critical that we differentiate the new product in a market that is crowded with stodgy, impersonal brands that look and sound the same.

What We Did


In-depth interviews with Fractal’s important customers revealed some startling facts – namely, that managers do not feel in control of their brands with the increasing marketing and data complexity. They feel frustrated because they are slow to react and often find themselves at the mercy of local teams for data.

We started thinking about how we might address these concerns and empower managers to build real value for their brands. These findings and our question led us to our insight: In a world of complex solutions, managers are ready to welcome human-centred simplicity.

And that’s the type of brand that we set out to create.

Brand Positioning

Based on our immersion and insight, we crafted the brand positioning around the idea of ‘Intelligence That Matters,’ highlighting the aspect of contextually relevant intelligence. It is a very personal experience that makes the data meaningful for the manager once again.

The brand positioning established the relationship between the user and the product as one of companionship based on trust, attentiveness and consistency. The product was no longer a mere tool for the manager to use as and when required – it became a partner that he could count on. The brand was built on the pillars of contextual intelligence, constant alertness, seamless collaboration and foresight.

Brand Name

Typically, names of analytics services and products either speak to technology and data or are completely coined and mysterious. We felt the need to communicate the straightforward and approachable nature of the brand through a unique name. We selected the name Cuddle, an acronym for Curated Data Delivery and Learning Engine, which speaks to the personalisation and cognitive ability of product in a light-hearted and unexpected way.


Brand Identity and Visual System

For the new brand identity, we used the letters from the name to create the form of a fingerprint, drawing on the aspects of personalisation and adaptiveness. We used a typeface that was soft and personal to complement the new brand positioning. This highlighted the fact that the new brand was made for managers, not for enterprises.

Cuddle App Screens Cuddle Applications

The visual system is inspired by the name and the personality of the brand. We have used brand fonts that feel handwritten, as though a friend is writing personal notes to the user. The colour purple signifies intelligence while the lime green represents the balance between man and machine.


Cuddle launched with a selected group of prospective customers and was met with enthusiasm. A marketing head from a leading CPG multinational said the new product was presented in a differentiated manner and requested an immediate pilot. Other customers expressed excitement and even mentioned their affinity for the name! The new brand has attracted attention from within the industry too. In fact, the president of a global marketing data provider expressed interest in collaborating with Cuddle.

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