Mother Dairy Dahi: From My Mother’s Brand to My Brand.

August 1, 2016

Making an iconic brand the first choice for Millenials, Landor created the new packaging designs and portfolio structure for Mother Dairy’s dahi range.

The Challenge

Mother Dairy is an iconic brand that most Indians have grown up with. After years of delighting consumers across the country, Mother Dairy was starting to lose relevance in the dahi category because of international brands flooding the Indian market. While studies showed that the brand was highly trusted, it wasn’t the first choice for Indian Millennials, despite blind taste tests showing that Mother Dairy dahi still tasted the best.

We were challenged to reposition Mother Dairy’s range of dahi. The revitalised brand had to tap into the aspirations of India and make Mother Dairy dahi the preferred choice for Indian Millennials. The key to a successful repositioning was to strike the perfect balance between driving aspiration for Millennials and remaining relevant to existing, loyal consumers.

Mother Dairy Packaging Landor

The Solution

Landor’s analysis revealed that Indian Millennials connected with brands that offered authenticity and were linked to their heritage. Today, consumers want to know how their product has been crafted.

We saw this as an exciting opportunity for Mother Dairy to tell their story – one of being the pioneers in dahi making, of being committed to constant innovation and of looking for new ways to create new experiences. Landor recommended the positioning of ‘Crafting Dahi With Passion,’ which truly captured the Mother Dairy spirit.

Next, we took stock of their existing product portfolio. We revised the architecture, moving away from their product-led approach to a more benefit-driven approach. This empowered Mother Dairy to meet consumers’ varied expectations, from uncompromisingly good taste to uncompromisingly good health.

Each product in the range was renamed to communicate the core benefit as well as the story of the product. The new packaging system was a departure from the conventional category codes to push the envelope further.

Guided by the strategic positioning, the design elements of each pack were developed to communicate the essence of the product it contains.

Mother Dairy Packaging Landor

In the Ultimate Dahi, the classic pots and earthenware with a hint of gold are reminiscent of the traditional craft of ‘dahi-making’. It transports you back to the happy childhood memories associated with having the rich and creamy dahi.

The Classic Dahi is the ‘set at home’ dahi and used everyday in every form. The different spoons and ladles on the pack subtly speak to the versatile nature and its unrestricted use across the nation: be it with curd rice in the South or as the palate cleanser after the heavy North Indian thali.

To cater to the modern Indian family’s active lifestyle, there is a greater demand of dahi that has added health benefits without compromising on the taste. True to its product, the shield on Advanced Dahi reassures the consumers of well-being for the entire family.

Each pack design distinctly communicates the consumer benefit in a very unique way, yet seamlessly links back to the spirit of the Mother Dairy brand.

Mother Dairy launched its new brand and packaging in April 2016 in New Delhi and is slowly being rolled out pan India. The launch campaign in North India has been very well received by consumers.

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