PickMe: Empowering Sri Lanka

July 20, 2016

The Sri-Lankan start-up PickMe did not want to be another Uber. They wanted to do more by empowering their drivers as well as their riders. We found a way to bring their vision to life.

Driving Change

The Sri Lankan marketplace was witnessing a boom for on-demand taxi services, which was increasingly being met by private companies. The industry was still in its nascent stage, which resulted in unscrupulous pricing, tardy and unprofessional service, creating a feeling of mistrust amongst customers. Interestingly at the same time, Uber was just about to enter the Sri Lankan taxi space with UberGo, their budget offering.

Could PickMe disrupt the status quo?

PickMe had a unique vision to change the game. They wanted to provide professional, trustworthy and timely service to their customers while empowering their drivers by giving them the dignity and respect they deserved; something that had been lacking in the industry. Armed with an unparalleled understanding of the local market, they extended their service to tuk-tuks (three wheeled auto-rickshaws) – a popular mode of transport among the residents and tourists. Altogether, they had an edge over their competitors, even Uber.

Although service and technology set PickMe apart, the brand had been unable to articulate what they stood for in a succinct manner. A distinct positioning and visual language would help them connect with their audiences – both customers and the drivers.

Pick Me Landor


As we understood PickMe and their industry context better, it was evident that they had the opportunity to capitalize on their strength of being a local player that offered a global experience. Driven by more than just technology PickMe could empower Sri Lankan customers and drivers, enabling them to make the most of life.

We developed the positioning ‘More Power to You,’ establishing PickMe as a dependable and distinctly Sri-Lankan brand that provides technology-driven solutions and empowers its people.

The positioning was brought to life through a modern design system in combination with illustrations and clean & bold typography. The culture, beauty and landscape of Sri Lanka were highlighted through the multicolour spectrums. The illustrations represent a journey through the island, from the temples to monuments, from the cityscapes to the sea.

Pick Me Landor

Through its new positioning, the look and feel, PickMe now communicates the pride of being a young, trustworthy, tech-savvy, yet truly Sri-Lankan brand.

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