Dear Walter

July 7, 2016

Palakshi Naha, Marketing Manager at Landor Mumbai decided to write to Walter Landor to commemorate his legacy of 75 years.

Dear Walter,

It’s your birthday in a few days and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to write you a letter, to congratulate you and to thank you.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Palakshi and an aspiring marketer. Fresh out of graduation, I arrived at Landor about 2 years ago. In the time that I have spent here, I have admired your work and taken immense pride in being part of the Landor culture.

75 years, 27 offices, 21 countries and over 900 Landor ambassadors – a feat that one can only dream of. Your pioneering work has left a lasting legacy in the world of branding and marketing.

But the world has changed. Significantly! Technology has disrupted our lives. It is no longer an aid or tool to do things. It is not just a part of our lives; it is a way of life.

Shopping on the Internet, TV on your mobile, 3-D printing, socializing online, technology predicting consumer demands and other things that might seem like they are right out of a sci-fi novel to you; are the new normal in our lives.

Today, the solar system is within our reach. We have reached beyond our moon; to Mars and most recently to Jupiter. And, maybe someday, the other galaxies will be too.

With the changing world, even people have changed – the way they live, the way they work and most importantly, the way they think. A part of this ‘changed world’, I belong to the generation commonly known as ‘Millennials’. While many experts have tried to de-code how we think and function, we happen to be a generation of contradictions. We were raised on a staple diet of technology and by nature are very restless. According to a leading newspaper, we are also reckoned to be the smartest, most globalized, collaborative, transparent, individual, socially active and focused generation yet.

What does that mean for an aspiring professional like me? Has our job changed? Are the rules different?

It wasn’t an easy job earlier and it isn’t any easier now. In my quest to solve this mystery, I turned to your work and found some nuggets that have left me super inspired.

For starters, I have learnt from you that we must look and not just see. You rightly said that it is important to actively look at everything with a critical eye. For only when we critique can we find room for improvement. And, as we improve, we further enhance our creative skills. In the language of my generation, we are always working in Beta.

You have always emphasized that our work is to find solutions for our clients.

To do effective problem solving, we need the left-brain thinking for the right-brained designs: a harmonious marriage between the client’s selling strategy and our superior aesthetic solutions. In short, we need to master what you fondly called the left-brain – right-brain volley and then trust our intuition.

While we work to find solutions, you have always asked us to remember that our job is to understand the consumers for our clients: the millions of nameless consumers that neither they nor we have met. We must ensure that we listen to the consumers’ needs and translate it into design. Your philosophy resonates even today: we are here to bridge the gap.

From you, we have learnt that our work adds to our environment and to the everyday enjoyment of life. In one of your interviews, you mentioned that it was not just about attracting attention or creating impact but making positive connections. Above all, we must seek to leave the consumers with a lasting impression and feeling the right emotions. In our connected world today, it is a must to create brands that deliver a consistent experience in every interaction.

As I continue to immerse further in this world, I want to thank you for the invaluable advice you have shared with us.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Yours faithfully,



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