Pockets by ICICI Bank: Making Banking Trendy

May 2, 2016

In a country like India where the youth make up the majority of the population, it is crucial to cater to their demands in order attain top-of-mind recall and relevance. Today’s youth are smarter and more conscious about things around them; their needs are different from the older generation. Having said that, when asked about banking, most 18 to 25 years olds have a question mark on their faces. Banking is perceived to be complicated, confusing and something that parents take care of.

ICICI Bank wanted to create a bank for the millennials, that they could easily understand and operate. They believed banking should be made relevant to the millenials and evolve along with their changing needs. Their ambition for the new bank was to be friendly, simple, trendy and digital, whilst having the trust and security of ICICI Bank. In other words, a bank that ‘connected with the youth’.

To make this connect, Landor sought candid views directly from the youth, analysed research reports on millennial studies, audited local and global banks with similar offering and studied benchmark youth brands. We found that the youth connected best with a simple brand that shared the same their values, understood their needs best, spoke their language and offered quality service.

Based on this insight, we created the brand positioning ‘Pulse’ which matched the personality of the target audience who were always digitally connected. We built the new brand on the pillars of friendship, service, experience and transparency.

ICICI Pockets Landor

The brand positioning and ICICI’s name Pockets was brought to life through the colourful brand identity. The wordmark uses a bold, confident, modern, crisp and upright sans-serif typeface where the letters overlap each other to signify the connectedness of the brand with its customers. The transparency of the letters speaks to the clarity of information and processes that the bank aims to offer. The wordmark is housed in a pocket-shaped unit with a stitched border, inspired by the name.

‘Pockets’ has a distinct graphic device called ‘Infinity’ that talks to the youth who are always connected to their friends. Infinity closes this loop, by living up to their expectations and is a unique identifier for the Pockets brand.

ICICI Pockets Landor

Over exceeding their target numbers by 100%, Pockets has amassed over 2 million users since its launch in January 2015. The Pockets credit card is one of the first to offer a tap-and-pay option. This feature is soon to launch with other credit card companies.

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