New on the Bookshelf

May 17, 2016

We’ve picked up quite a few books in the last 6 months at work. As our library builds further, these books give us the perfect excuse to step away from our screens every once in a while.

An incredible service that we subscribed to earlier this year was Paper Planes. Every month, the service deliver one or two indie magazines which cover a range of topics from art and fashion to culture and world affairs. The mix has been simply astounding and has led to us to discover some really cool magazines from around the world.


Left: When The Plant Journal and MacGuffin Magazine arrived in April, we loved how they matched the office cutlery. 
Right: Anything from Monocle is a hoarder’s delight. These were gifts from Paper Planes when we began subscribing!

Each of these magazines adds to the variety in our collection with their exciting visual language and some interesting writing. We are sharing snippets from some of these magazines. Hope you find them inspiring and engaging as we have.


Left: 032C and Benji Knewman had a very diverse visual language and writing was super engaging. 
Right: Makeshift talks about hidden creativity found in many aspects of people’s lives across the world.


Left: Cereal is all about super minimal storytelling alongside some stunning photography.
Right: Pylot is all about photo-stories without a dash of editing in them. Raw, as they are.

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