Minds at Work

April 6, 2016

With a great, creative space comes great productivity.

Our office is a testament to this fact. Encased in the glass tower at Indiabulls Finance Centre, our office is we are situated in the heart of Mumbai’s the corporate district, of Mumbai in Lower Parel. We lucked out with the spectacular views of the city’s skyline from our terrace on the 20th floor.


Blessed with plenty of natural light, this our open-plan modern office has subtle details inspired from the Klamath – the famous ferry where the pioneer Walter Landor began his journey in the world of branding.

On an average day, you will find our offices looking exactly like the pictures below.



But on our best days you will witness something different, like a time-lapse video. People are running in and out of ideation sessions. Every surface is covered with post-its, piles of sketches in every corner, ready prototypes, inspiration images, mood boards, felt pens & markers strewn about and plenty of doodles: constantly aspiring to emulate the genius of Walter Landor.

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