A 21st Century Serial Killer

April 30, 2016

Murdered by Lack of Sleep
A social awareness activation for Sunday Mattress.

In modern times, sleep is considered a waste of time; uncool even. This has given rise to the quietest epidemic of all: lack of sleep. Studies show that lack of sleep escalates the incidence of accidents, heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and many more fatal conditions. Yet, this problem goes unaddressed.

To incite people to act on this pressing issue, we juxtaposed the ideas of life and death by highlighting the poetic similarity between a person sleeping in the comfort of their bed and a chalk outline of a dead body at a crime scene.

This activation took place in high footfall locations like corporate park lobbies, car parks, shopping mall courtyards etc. where this poignant message shocked unassuming, guilty pedestrians — a much needed wake-up call.


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