Landor Mumbai Hosts its 3rd Successful Wake Up

November 16, 2015

Walter Landor started aboard the Klamath. Inspired by our founder, we decided to host our 3rd Wake Up With Landor at Café Zoe, a unique café situated in what used to be a textile mill. With a combination of European and industrial décor, the place boasts of high ceilings, exposed brick walls and big glass windows that allow plenty of natural sunlight.


Our breakfast event focused on the recently launched Global Agile Brand Study. Nick Foley from Landor Singapore introduced our guests to the Agility Paradox: “the battle between maintaining consistent values and driving rapid change” and also took them through some interesting findings from our recent research. First of its kind, the study ranks the global brands using brand strength and financial success as parameters of agility.

The research revealed some interesting results for the global top 10 Agile brands:

1: Samsung

2: Android

3: Wikipedia

4: Google

5: Dyson

6: Apple

7: YouTube

8: Microsoft

9: Ikea

10: Disney

All of these brands have six behaviours in common: principled, responsible, open, multi-channel, adaptive and global. Each of these brands demonstrates these 6 qualities across different activities, from product development to advertising to customer interaction. Each brand has mastered all six behaviours, but uses them in different measures, depending on their business, market, and target audiences.

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The Global Agile Brand Study process is a result of a multiphase approach, starting with analysis from Landor’s proprietary Brand Asset Valuator (BAV), the world’s largest database of consumer brand perception data, to determine an initial list of brands. High BAV brand strength scores show consistently better financial returns than market average over time, even during periods of financial instability. Landor found that the strongest brands scored high on agility, the balance of two key drivers: leading (being up to date and visionary) and true (being authentic and best in class). Brands that scored high on agility were placed on an initial list of contenders. Qualitative analysis of contenders’ in-market behaviour and consumer research with millennials narrowed the list to 10 and determined the six agile behaviour traits.

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