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October 2013


Simplicity is a Big Opportunity

October 21, 2013
By Lulu Raghavan

A few weeks back, I read a piece in The Guardian about flash fiction and micro fiction, literary forms that tell stories in 25 to 1,000 words. I was reminded of the very basic need for brevity and simplicity that we crave in our increasingly attention-deficit world.

A few brands have understood that less is more but most are yet to discover the potential of a minimalist approach.

Let’s look at how some brands have applied this philosophy from product design to identity to customer experience.

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Strong Brands Stand for Something

October 6, 2013

Interview with Lulu Raghavan

What differentiates a great brand from a good one? 

Good brands keep their promises. Strong brands stand for something and reinforce what they stand for in everything they do. The communication or brand idea should not change focus. Campaigns may come and go, but the core concept should always stay the same.

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