ICICI Bank Credit Cards: Credit cards to carry and flaunt

June 1, 2013

ICICI Bank wanted to grow its business within India’s fast-emerging affluent consumers, but felt limited by the bank’s nonexclusive image. So when it decided to launch credit card collections that catered to this market’s desires, it wanted cards that truly stood out. Cards that would mirror India’s growing status and lifestyle choices. Cards that people would be proud to carry and flaunt.

The Gemstone Collection

In September 2011, ICICI launched a credit card collection that targeted both high-net-worth individuals and the growing middle class. Taking its cue from the target audience, Landor developed a design philosophy called Rich Possibilities. It entailed creating cards that would be aspirational, premium, innovative, and stunning. This concept came to life in The Gemstone Collection. Inspired by semiprecious stones, each card in the collection—Coral, Rubyx, Sapphiro, and Diamant—signals a differentiated and superior offering. The Gemstone Collection was a marked departure from both ICICI’s perceived image and the competition. When Coral, the collection’s first card, was launched, it became the bank’s highest volume driver.


The Jet Airways ICICI Collection

In July 2012, Jet Airways and ICICI Bank approached Landor to create a series of cards to appeal to India’s frequent flyers. The brief: Design a unique collection of premium credit cards that would capture the imagination of the mobile Indian. Our solution was based on the idea that yesterday’s dream of traveling to distant lands is now a reality for an increasing number of Indians. Today, more and more people in India fly for work, for pleasure, and to visit new and faraway places. Landor designed a line of co-branded credit cards that float above the crowd. The fluffy white cloud, as seen from a plane’s window, is an increasingly common yet still aspirational sight—it captures the desires of the people the card wished to target. The timeless thangka (Buddhist silk) style of painting inspired the cloud’s distinctive curves and geometric illustrations.



Update: 2017 brings evolution

ICICI approached Landor to redesign the successful Rubyx, Coral and Sapphiro cards to incorporate new contactless credit card technology along with the trusty Smart Chip. A design evolution exercise presents the cards in their current form as seen today.

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