Mahindra: Unifying an organization in the spirit of ‘Rise’

January 18, 2013

What does it take for one of India’s largest multinationals to soar beyond its origins? What does it take for 5000+ employees to unify towards one vision? This case study is more than just about a brand refresh or an architecture solution. It’s a larger than life encapsulation of a billion dreams. A dream called Mahindra. The dream to ‘Rise’.

Fueled by an ambition to position Mahindra as a global conglomerate, Anand Mahindra and his team set out on a brand journey. The Mahindra team hired Strawberry Frog in New York to help them determine their brand positioning. Inspired by Mahindra’s inherent bias for action and its driving belief in empowering people; ‘Rise’ was born.

Landor created the new visual identity and brand architecture for the Mahindra Group. The new identity portrays the company in a contemporary, progressive, and dynamic manner, and will help to build a consistent image of the company across industries. The design is in line with Mahindra Group’s aspiration to become one of the top 50 most admired global brands by 2021.

Additionally, a unique graphic element has been added to the design to provide a uniform look to all communications across the Group. A sturdy, upward shape in sync with Mahindra’s “Rise” philosophy takes its inspiration from the ridges of Mount Everest and is symbolic of the Group’s desire to reach the very top.

“Mahindra has evolved tremendously since 2000 when the corporate identity was last refreshed. The company has progressed simultaneously across many different dimensions and is now a large, dynamic, and culturally diverse organization with a presence in over 100 countries. The new visual identity and brand architecture reflect the Mahindra Group’s global aspirations,” said Lulu Raghavan, managing director of Landor Mumbai.

SP Shukla, president and group strategy and chief brand officer ofMahindra Group, and member of the group executive board said, “The new wordmark and other elements of our refreshed visual identity have been adopted after extensive research and feedback. We wanted a wordmark that would reflect the evolving nature of our organization, our global outlook, and progressive management style. In short, it should reflect the core of Mahindra. We also had to ensure that it would have universal appeal across consumer and business segments in urban and rural areas, as well as overseas.” The new identity will be reflected across the Group’s businesses globally.


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