Landor brings alive the corporate essence of Sony Pictures Networks India

    September 22, 2017

    MUMBAI  (22nd September, 2017)

    Sony Pictures Networks (SPN), India’s leading entertainment and sports broadcast network, partnered with Landor to codify its pioneering ideals into the DNA of its organization to better represent its innovative spirit and expanding portfolio of channels.

    SPN partnered with Landor to define the beliefs that would transcend its businesses, enabling the company to activate the power of one network.

    SPN has introduced a new way of thinking to the organization—a mindset that boldly challenges the status quo. This spirit is perfectly captured in its tagline “Go-Beyond”, which pushes the company and its employees to continually go further. In contrast to other players in the industry, this is not a static corporate statement.

    Landor Creative Director, Kurnal Rawat explains, “For a media company that is always in motion, we wanted to create a visual language that is alive. We took its established identity and set free its most salient element—the dash of red.” Bringing the whole visual system together, the dash of red is a dynamic element that infuses the SPN spirit into everything the company does.

    Humsa Dhir, SVP & Head, PR & Corporate Communications who led this initiative on behalf of Sony Pictures Networks, commented, “Go-Beyond is a rallying cry that comes to life across SPN’s touchpoints, voice and culture, propelling a constant velocity. We have distilled our future vision into a brand that will captivate today and endure tomorrow. Our new identity sets Sony Pictures Networks India up for success across channels and countries.”

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